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Hidden Satanic Facts About Dr. Strange 2 Movie Will Shock You !

Recently, Marvel entertainment ‘s movie Dr.strange 2 multiverse of madness has been released. After watching this movie you will realise that all Hollywood industry ,media politics and economy is controlled by secret forces, which led astray human minds and normalise malicious acts behind the veil ,now open to the public as reality.
They show heroes to save the world from aliens and strange creatures, and people don’t even know about them. These people called themselves “ILLUMINATI”.

Doctor Strange Presenting himself in front of illuminati in Multiverse.

They are members of a secret jewish agency, who worship “Satan” .

they want to eliminate all the religion from world and enforce “satanity” as a religion. A satan named Kabala helps them and gives them suggestions with black magic for this purpose.
In this movie , Dr.strange being told that Illuminati is watching him always ,indirectly they are giving this message that they are present everywhere and keeping an eye on media, politics, social media and everywhere to every human .

One satanic Eye and People of Illuminati Controlling the World (Resources)

There are 6 in total members shown in this movie who are leaders of their team .

with the help of the government , they are keeping away other creatures to come to this planet, people do not know about them. First time in any movie the ypromote their secret agency .Whereas they belong to 13 jewish families and their ancestors like Rockefeller and Rothschild’s families are included.
They say in one scene of Dr.strange “you don’t know the truth”, as they are telling that world has a different reality ,we control the world “ and other humans are like slaves to us who came to this world only to obey us .

13 bloodlines of illuminati – a rare photo

Do you realize that Marvel Entertainment, which is bought by Disney ,has a lot in common between all of its movies. The message is that magic is promoted like a fashion or a super power ,such as Oden who is father of Thor(God of thunder) and his step brother Loki(God of mischief), his mother ,Dr. Strange or Scarlet witch .They present magic in such a glamorous way and save the world like a superhero that people start liking it, become addicted to it ,accept it and normalise it.

1 / 6

But do you know that magicians have no religion .No religion in this world gives permission to do black magic. Black Magic means to ask for help from Satan .which is called “shirk” .As God doesn’t share his divine attributes with any partners.

A person who does magic and the person who asks to do it are out of the boundary of Islam this means they are not Muslims anymore. They could also face death penalty.

in Christianity and even in Judaism black magic is not allowed. but you can watch how they are promoting black magic in kids .They create characters as Dr.strange for young boys ,Scarlet witch for girls and a young girl character for a teenager,

America chavez in doctor strange 2

So that every age group can relate to this movie.

In this movie, they show a hybrid of human and an Animal,which is upcoming agenda of this Satanice society because Satan hates prophet Adam(A.S) and his generation which means humankind ,Satan wants to disfigure humans appearance. if humans do it by themselves that’s a good deal for Satan. scientists are working on these genetic modifying techniques all over the World,in easy words how to make human ‘s better version by including qualities of an animal.

human and animal hybrid shown in film as hybrid man fighter

They thought creation of GOD is imperfect , they can make a perfect version of it. they are humiliating GOD clearly .Thats why we watch a bull faced hybrid whose body is like human ,who is always ready to fight .Many of us think this is only Entertainment .Makers knew the truth and messing with your mind . they are making such kind of entertainment to normalise it in human brain.

In the near future ,when you will see these kind of things in front of you ,you won’t be able to question it. Think about it ,if it is only a fictional story ,the concept of Gods and black magic is also fictional? Although religion tells us about God and forbids us to do black magic.
This movie, based on one of Science ‘s hardest concepts, for example artificial intelligence and the multiverse is also fictional? Is it a reality or not ? Scientists are working hard to prove it.

The scientific concept of Multiverse

In the movie they include religion and science is an agenda clearly .It seems impossible there is no target behind the making of this movie. The Multiverse is the toughest concept in science ,it is a non proven theory. The concept is about there being millions and billions of other universes ,stars and galaxies like ours . It could be possible in 1 multiverse you are politician ,in another 1 you are athlete or an actor. you can have different carbon copies of yourself in different universes.

This film is also based on concept of multiverse, Dr.strange did a mistake which led to open the door of the dark world ,in which all universes struck with each other, He met his look alike in another universe and both try to save their worlds. Dr.Strange is not a
human but the world’s supreme magician although he was introduced as a good doctor in the movie so people can attach to the character. In every other sequel he is shown as a magician. In coming scenes you can see him as wicked person who can merge evil spirits and satanic giants in him ,like hindu’s lord shiva has so many hands ,his hands also come out and you can also observe an eye on his forehead. which is called illuminati or MESSIAH E DAJJAL’s eye.

we are told that Dajjal will be blind from one eye ,they( who are behind this agenda) are waiting for him. In every other movie they show an eye of dajjal ,so people better be ready for his arrival and accept him as their messiah or Saviour.

same like they showed Dr.strange is earth’s saviour. They did not stop here, they showed a huge creature with one eye on his forehead.

One eye monster in DR Strange Movie

in another scene we can relate to a religious reference as Dr. strange -in his dream- can be seen walking towards the sky through a staircase ,on both sides of the stairs there are statues of angels.

This scene points towards seven skies and its spirituality. We can also see Scarlet witch can spiritually attach to a soul in another universe through her black magic. She wants to get the girl’s power through her magic so she can meet and stay with her children who are dead in another universe. In another scene, we can see Dr. strange after his death woke up with magic .ALLAH is the only supreme power who can give life and death .but this movie tells us life can be given and death can be delayed with magic. Lucifier a Satan can give you life and death .In the secret society in real life , people do worse acts to please Satan in their parties to get support from Satan. what do u think the worst scenario could they do to please Satan? child pornography ,human this movie there is a scene where witch scarlet is sacrificing a teenage girl to get power.

she made a circle around her and chanting some words of black magic. Now if you still think it is an entertainment, then I can only say may Allah protect you.

just tell me if the world is going to finish and only person left is Dr.strange , yes, in one scene Dr.strange sees his mirror image in one universe, where no one is alive. he is alive because he asked help from dark dimension. It means Satan saved him.

Are they teaching us ,that a magician with help of his master Satan can control life ,death and can also control destiny? Hollywood industry & Marvel entertainment are working on an agenda of making people atheists.

It is included in their agenda to show different gods ,make fun of religions , life and death decisions, because they do not believe in any religion. In reality Allah is the only one who is the only master of all powers. Don’t forget ,a child who came to this world learns from watching and listening to one thing repeatedly. Similarly these movies can affect you and your children’s brains. Remember this ,Satan challenged Allah that he will lead off humans till the day of judgement, he will do anything to misdirect them towards hell. The last destruction will be the arrival of dajjal ,who is a fake Saviour,  which they are preparing our minds .Now it is your responsibility to decide if it is an entertainment or a coincidence and make yourself part of it or to save yourself from it. Tell me your opinion in the comments Section !!

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