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Humans are made of stardust !

Do you remember all of us reading about the water cycle in science at our school ? , how water evaporates and goes to the sky and then showers down as rain?

The Water Cycle

After reading this , a question comes to my mind, where does water come from?

Today’s science tells us that all the important minerals and water were not here before, it comes from somewhere else, meaning from these bright stars who (due to nuclear reactions every moment) produce heat and energy. But like everything on earth, stars will also come to an end. When they grow old they make structures like onion layers, on every layer they produce heavy elements like Silicon, Neon, Calcium, Copper, Carbon and Oxygen etc. Due to these elements the size of the star grows gradually and at the end when it starts producing iron in the middle ,it is unable to spread more as iron doesn’t burn,then the star explodes in the universe which is called a supernova. This explosion is so bright that it can be seen from many light years away.

Star Exploding After a Supernova

During this process the core of the star which is hard as steel breaks into pieces and spreads out in the universe.
The medium size star changes into neutron size due to dense mass and gravity.

Gravity compressed its size; the result is the neutron star’s mass which is almost equal to the weight of mount Everest . After the supernova explodes, material from stars helps make the other stars and planets. After that if this material remains unused then they wander around as asteroids in space.

This star dust and its elements helped in the making of the earth. That is the reason life is possible on the earth. Because water to gold etc are the result of these star dust. It means new objects came into existence after the dismissal of one star.
In a 2014 , Astro physics general paper, a research paper was published that the dead stars or star dust is not a common dust or sand rather it is cement-like material which is used in buildings when mixed with water.
In this supernova, it separates from oxygen and mixes with hydrogen and makes water. This star dust changed into hard asteroids in which small water retention is present called comets.
According to scientists, star dust contains water showers on the earth when it was in the process of being made. These comets throw water on the earth as rain and secondly, this dust bangs with the earth’s surface ,it contains all the important elements present in them to start a life on the earth. It cooled down and made oceans that show life has started on the earth as a single cell.

7 billion-year-old stardust is oldest material found on Earth

Now let’s understand this scientific approach through the Quran and from the words of Allah almighty. In surah tariq Allah said “By the sky and night comer, and what can make you know what is night comer? It is the piercing star. None of them is without a guard. Human beings should wonder how they are being made, they are made with such a fluid gushing forth.
It means the same dust used which is leftover from pulsar stars and has become the reason for life on the earth according to today’s science, and humans are made with this sand and all other objects around us are also made with sand.
Carl sagan , a famous astrologist, said we are made of stardust.

Reminding all of today’s scientific research, is it hard to believe that these facts are present in the holy book which was revealed over 1400 years ago? In which it is revealed already and the strategy of it we understand today. These facts can only be known by one creator of this earth, when Carl Sagan’s great grandfather was not even born.
The humans on earth, animals and even plants are also made by the death of these stars.

1400 years ago would anyone imagine the claim that the water present on the earth is not from the beginning but came from the sky? Yes in surah Fatir ayat 27 Allah said “see you not that Allah sends down water(rain) from the sky , we produce therewith fruit of varying colour,and among the mountains are streaks white and red of varying colours and (others) very black. Have you not seen that Allah sends down from the heaven water.those who have knowledge only fear from Allah, indeed your god is dominate and forgiving
In 2004 NASA sent an aircraft in space to collect the stardust and to observe it to understand what they are made of?

That was an important mission because until that time men thought this star dust is like cement ,substructure, asteroid ,comet and they fell on the earth in the shape of a comet, which can destroy and not produce life.
Andrew Westphal who was leading the mission said,
We will bring the sample of a comet to the earth so that we can observe it properly because I am sure the secret of humans hiding inside them means how and with what material we are made of?”

Mr Westphal was absolutely right, because during that experiment he got to know such a secret which left him stunned. He discovered that the material looks like cement, actually sticky from the inside and is always covered by some organic material. It does not have a specific shape which can easily demould or reconstructed. It looks like a dark tart but its speciality is more like cement to bond together.
This finding is absolutely strange and humans thought that finally, they find their origin but just take a look at the Quran in which it is mentioned that humans are made of soil and also mentioned the characteristics of that soil.

just think, was it not enough to tell people at that time that they are made of soil? What was the reason for telling them about the properties of that soil?

The wisdom behind it could be that the coming generation can be able to see these signs and recognise their creator.
In surah Rum ,ayat 20, Allah said “among his signs in this, that He created you from dust ;and then – you became human beings and are multiplying around(the earth)”
In surah Safat ,ayat 11, Allah said “ then inquire of them ,o Muhammad are they stronger or more difficult creation or those others we have created ,we made them with sticky soil”
After that in surah hijr ayat 26 Allah said” and we did certainly created man out of the clay from an altered black mud”.
All these characteristics which today’s scientists found after research on these cosmic dust is just a coincidence ? It’s almost impossible , just think. Can anyone object to the words of this Quran that is a truth and this book is sent by the creator? May Allah make us understand and act accordingly. Ameen !!

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