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James Web Space Telescope hit By Meteoroid

James Webb the victim of an accident. yes , you heard it right !

Spacecrafts doing space missions usually face a lot of difficulties during space conquest. There are some things that become inevitable such as a micro meteoroids colliding with spacecrafts etc.

NASA’s James Webb suffered a similar collision between May 30 and May 25.

According to the report, a micro meteoride had collided with NASA’s primary mirror segments. The team had confirmed this after an initial review. But the Good news is that the James Webb telescope is still functioning well and will meet the expectations of it soon.

According to experts ,Yes, it is possible in future also and that we have seen some cracks in the data. Experts also knew that James Webb would face such accidents in the meantime, so it would be necessary to strengthen that They should not lose their stability in such situations. These things were made by experts keeping in mind.

NASA’s james webb telescope launched on December 25, 2021

James Webb’s glass was taken into consideration to be able to withstand the circumstances in which James Webb is located is an environment where particles with surrounding volume move at extremely fast speed. Preparation of James Webb telescope was created accordingly to meet these difficulties.

In the meantime, experts also made several simulations to determine how much James Webb could tolerate if a micro meteoroid collided with James Webb. The recent collision was bigger than the team’s expectations. Experts said they were well informed. James Webb knew to suffer from harsh conditions such as ultraviolet light, solar emission ,electrical particles cosmic radiation and micro metorides in the solar system Can collide and damage it.

The important thing is that James Webb is good and it will do it’s job.

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